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Adjusting to working from home: #Threadfam tips & tricks
It's no doubt remote work has been on the rise, and even more front of mind with COVID-19, the global pandemic is affecting every industry and demographic.
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Launching Threads: Making work (from home) more inclusive
Today we're lifting our waitlist and opening up Threads —a platform to help growing teams share, discuss, and make decisions no matter where they are —to the world.
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The future of work is diverse and distributed
Innovation comes from people, collaboration, idea sharing and inspiration. So, beyond Silicon Valley, where might the next great tech hub crop up?
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The importance of over-communicating when making decisions
When starting in our careers, we assign so much value and power to the one who makes the decision and not enough to who helps us get to the best decision.
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Cancel the meeting, start a thread
Today we're launching the Threads beta — a platform designed to make work more inclusive by empowering teams to discuss and make decisions at scale.
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