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How Threads Solves Modern Day Business Problems


Platform Matters

There are many reasons why your choice of work communication platform matters. It will serve as the foundation for your organization's productivity and organizational efficiency. 

A work communication platform should be oriented and optimized for both individual organizations and cross-functional organizations to maximize productivity and efficiency. In addition, the platform's main objective should be to enable a calm, organized, and visible distribution of information. 

Problem With The Existing Way 

Workplace communication becomes increasingly complex and repetitive when the wrong solutions are in place. Because cohesive internal communication is critical to your bottom line, it’s important to have the correct supporting platform in place.

Today, a large percentage of work is managed within instant messaging platforms such as Slack. This presents a great opportunity for improvement. Instant messaging is great for quick, casual conversation, but it cannot support substantial discussions with multiple stakeholders. Additionally, discussions in these systems are typically unretrievable after the fact.  

When using platforms that are primarily built around instant messaging, it’s estimated that the average user is distracted every 6-8 minutes by an alert. It’s estimated that 80% of these notifications are categorized as unimportant. This degrades the collective focus of an organization and increases the amount of time required to accomplish tasks. 

Threads is committed to providing a better and more streamlined solution. 

The Workplace Shift – A New Reality

We have seen the largest shift in work in modern history and the requirements of teams have changed greatly as a result. Some of these macro trends include: 

  • Successfully addressing the needs of hybrid and remote workers. 
  • Materially consolidating excess tooling. 
  • Reducing the large number of distractions a worker experiences throughout the day. 
  • Moving day-to-day operations out of instant messaging. 

Addressing these objectives requires moving off legacy systems and pushing past what already exists. 

How Threads Delivers Value 

Threads is the first pioneer in the remote and hybrid space. We are also the first company to change the underlying framework that supports your inbox; the impact is meaningful. 

By using a forum instead of instant messaging, teams that adopt Threads instantly achieve a calm and organized distribution of information – at scale and across time zones. The practical and modern build of Threads works to successfully remove information silos found at the individual level, significantly reduces an organizations dependence on instant messaging, reduces a large percentage of unnecessary distractions, and holistically addresses the needs of remote and hybrid workers. 

Research on the effects of forums are well established – they are proven to increase collaboration, improve collaboration, result in higher engagement and are proven to make employees feel more comfortable asking for help and posing questions to the larger group. 

In Practice:

  • You are now able to take part in 20+ in-depth conversations at one time without feeling overwhelmed. 
  • Context and documentation will naturally occur when working in Threads.
  • Cross-functional work will become greatly simplified and streamlined.
  • Instant messaging will become a small portion of your overall communication. 

For Business:

  • You will reclaim 25% of your organization's time per year. 
  • You will between $9,500 and $28,000 per employee, per year. 
  • You will reduce org-wide miscellaneous distractions by ~40%. 

Threads Key Design Goals

Threads was started on a set of guiding principals and we remain committed to expanding our capabilities in the following areas. These include: 

  • Optimize for remote, hybrid, and geographically distributed workers
  • Expand capabilities to allow organizations to further consolidate tooling 
  • Continue to optimize for per user notification relevancy and provide granular notification control

Security and Governance 

SOC2, GDPR, SCIM, SSO, Advanced User Management, Advanced Invitation Control  

Getting Started is Easy

Threads is a unique, all-in-one communication platform designed for organizations that are looking to: reclaim their time, reduce digital distractions, and positively impact their bottom line. To get started: 

  1. Define your goals and initiatives 
  2. Explore a demo, proof of concept, or pilot project 
  3. Deep dive with your team on the platform

We’re here to help! 

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