Addie Levinsky
Created on November 23, 2022 at 1:08 am

Using Today to triage notifications (and save yourself time)


There are few experiences that are as overwhelming and relatable at work as managing notifications — whether it's a firehose of chat messages or an email inbox that never seems to stay at inbox zero, keeping notifications at bay is challenging.

Not to mention, what do you do with all of these notifications? Properly triaging is crucial for prioritization and organization, but it often falls by the wayside in favor of just putting out fires.

Threads solves the problem of both notification overwhelm and how to effectively triage. We believe in speed and efficiency at the core of all workflows, and that starts with your inbox.

The Today view on Threads is where all of your thread notifications, follow ups, and completed notifications live. Chat notifications are displayed with a number badge as chats are generally meant to be acted on asap (however, you can also mark chats for follow up!).

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How Today maximizes speed and efficiency

Working quickly shouldn't come at the expense of working haphazardly — we designed Today with the belief that you can move with speed and ease.

  • Notifications are clustered.
  • @-mentions appear at the top. You can also sort by creation date.
  • Mark notifications using hotkeys D (Done) + F (Follow Up).
  • Set granular reminders using custom times across the platform.

When should I use Today?

Always! Today is your primary (and theoretically, your only inbox if your team is on Threads).

However, the magic of Today is most apparent when you're coming back to an influx of notifications whether this is returning from vacation, the holidays, or any other prolonged out of office time due to the scalability, hot key action, and the ability to set custom times for all of your follow ups and more.

The dread of coming back from a long weekend, or even a few weeks off, is completely minimized with the understanding that you'll have clear visibility into what's important, and the flow to get back to inbox zero (while building a todo list of action items via follow up).

With your team on Threads, you'll never have to stress about how you're going to get through Today, or any other day.

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