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Created on October 21, 2022 at 8:51 pm
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What is tool fatigue and how can Threads help you combat it?

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You're either the person who's always finding the latest and greatest tools on ProductHunt, Twitter, etc and introducing them to your team or you're the person who has been using Microsoft Word and email for decades and you have an aversion to any new platform.

There's a happy medium, but we know that introducing new communication tools can be controversial because tool fatigue .

What is tool fatigue?

There's no formal definition (just yet, anyway), but tool fatigue can be thought of as the juggling act of having too many tools, which leads to overlap, context switching, and plainly put: confusion and frustration.

Tool fatigue doesn't just cause individual strife, but it can negatively impact a company's productivity as a whole when tools are decentralized and lack organization.

This is especially prevalent with communication tooling.

too many inboxes

You've got your email . And your chats . And the comments associated with your docs, project management software, and the list goes on...

This presents several problems:

  • Managing multiple inboxes is time consuming and hard to keep organized
  • Tools that are meant for one purpose end up turning into communication tools (have you ever had a long discussion using Google Doc comments? Yeah. It's not great.)
  • Some people check one tool, while others check another. So where do you even go for a quick response?
  • Where do important discussions even live?

That's why we built Threads

How threads combats tool fatigue

Threads is the only internal communication tool you need. And that's not a hyperbole.

  • Threads should house all of your company and team wide discussions. It isn't just your primary inbox, it's your only internal inbox
  • Our lightweight chat allows you to keep having those ephemeral discussions with teammates and quickly turn any important chat into a thread so it doesn't get lost
  • Our robust set of integrations means your other tools can be used for what they were designed for
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Threads is the solution you and your team need, and you can say goodbye to internal email, Slack, and the fragmented discussions that happen across every other platform.

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