Addie Levinsky
Created on November 13, 2022 at 11:16 pm

From Sync → Async


There are two types of communicators — those who blast chat messages, spewing words like a firehose, and those who favor long-form messages with intentional paragraph breaks.

The latter is what people generally associate with asynchronous, while the former is real-time, synchronous.

Try as you may to steer your team away from having important discussions in chat because the messages get lost, it feels chaotic...ahem, like drinking out of a fire hose, the scenario of an innocuous chat turning into something far more complex is incredibly common. In fact, it's a daily occurrence for most of us.

"Hey, I just have a quick question about this..." Narrator: It was, in fact, not a quick question.

That's why Threads makes it easy and accessible to turn any chat, or series of chats, into a thread. This means:

  • Preserving important context from a chat discussion
  • Building off of a topic, idea, or discussion without having to derail the conversation
  • Keeping chat ephemeral
  • ...not having to chagrin your coworkers for posting important information into chat that will inevitably get lost

Transitioning from sync → async is almost too easy —

  • Hove over the chat message you want to turn into a thread and click the upload button
  • The composer will open with a fresh thread and the chat selected.
  • Click Modify Selection to add/remove more messages
  • Add any additional blocks
  • Select a channel and post the thread
Progress: NaN%

Never lose an important discussion again using our handy sync → async feature!

You won't ever be stuck thinking, "that chat should have been a thread..."

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