Rosalee Moschioni
Created on December 14, 2022 at 6:41 pm

How to maximize flow on Threads


What does it mean to be in flow and how do we achieve it?

According to the Harvard Business Review, flow is when:

...every action, every decision, arises seamlessly from the last. In this state, we are so focused on the task at hand that all else falls away. Action and awareness merge. Our sense of self vanishes. Our sense of time distorts. And performance goes through the roof.

If this sounds a bit far-fetched, let's put some data behind the concept of flow.

According to a 10-year study conducted by McKinsey, top executives reported being five times more productive in flow. And if we could increase the time we spend in flow by 15-20%, overall workplace productivity would almost double.

This means that being in flow at work not only improves our focus and performance, it also leads to increased productivity and distinct business outcomes.

Given this, how can one maximize flow on Threads, leading to these same great outcomes? Well, we're so glad you asked...


We built Threads with flow in mind.

Our primary focus has always been to take in customer feedback and to understand how workflows have operated and shifted alongside the rise of remote and hybrid work environments. This is how we've crafted the optimal experience for work communication today, leading us to productize these learnings along the way.

Introducing the Today view

This is the most important view in Threads, providing a seamless workflow designed to make "today" your most productive day.

Progress: NaN%

Within the triage view, you have 3 core actions to keep you in flow:

  1. Respond to chats or threads
  2. Mark a notification as "done"
  3. Or set a time to follow up on it later

You're going to move so fast, you'll feel like you have super powers.

Respond to chats or threads

Never miss a chat or thread again, getting back to the things that count when it counts—organizing all of your important conversations in a single inbox.

Mark a notification as "done" or "do later"

Start your day by going through your notifications, marking them as done or pressing do later. Once caught up, you're sure to get that same satisfying feeling of crossing something off of your to-do list.

Set a time to follow up

Can't get to it in the moment? Don't sweat it. Mark it for follow up and pick a time for when you want to be reminded.


With these three core actions in mind, Threads will help to get you—and keep you—in flow.

Looking for more how-to tips? Learn more about when to chat vs. write a thread and how to supercharge your experience on Threads with the power of CMD+K.

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