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Created on November 7, 2022 at 7:45 pm

IFTTT (if this, then that): when to chat, when to thread


Decision paralysis gets the best of all of us. And if you don't think so? Tell us how long it took to pick a movie to watch the other night.

We make hundreds of decisions a day, sometimes without even thinking all that much about them. From what time we want to get up to what we want to eat for breakfast, we're faced with an avalanche of "this or that" before we even sit down to work.

And once we do finally pop a squat and gear up for another day, the last thing we want is to think too long or too hard about how we want to communicate with our peers.

Should I send an email? Message them on Slack, hoping they'll respond? Tag them in a doc? Send a carrier pigeon?

The options feel endless, even though we want the same outcomeβ€”to communicate effectively and know they've heard us.

This is why we've built a tool that allows you to stay light or go deep.

On Threads, you have the option to send a chat message or to write a thread, all within one platform.

When to chat, when to thread

Chat: Send chats whenever you have something urgent, casual, or need quick clarification.

Thread: Start a thread in a channel whenever you want to share insights or gain alignment on something.

For example, if you need to know whether or not a colleague can help with an urgent oncall issue, send a chat.

If you need to have a discussion about the post-mortem of that oncall issue, post a recap thread.

Here are a few additional IFTTT scenarios

  • If you need to know if a teammate can join a meeting on Thursday with a clientβ€”then send a chat.
  • If you need to put together an agenda for the meeting with the client and share with your teamβ€”then start a thread.
  • If you have a question that needs unblocking for something you're currently working onβ€”then send a chat.
  • If you have a question that needs context and input from others and could change the direction/scope of a projectβ€”start a thread.

With this model in mind, Threads helps to bridge the gap of the casual and quick with the long-form and thoughtful. With both synchronous chats and asynchronous threads at your disposal, we hope to reduce the tool fatigue decision paralysis.


Interested in trying it out for yourself? Head on over to http://threads.com and sign up to gain early access.

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