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Threads is where focused discussions and decisions take place
Stay aligned
Grow transparency
Generate knowledge
Supporting teams of 2 to 2000+
Everything in one place
Structured by design
Bring pieces of knowledge into a thread, and get everyone on the same page.
Comments and nested replies keep discussions focused and on track.
Roger Alba
Lola Czysky
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A space for every discussion
Create a space for any team, project, or topic to keep discussions organized.
🗺 Company strategies
📺 Media Ops
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Better, together
Reduce noise on Slack by using it for the quick and casual
Make decisions on Threads by using it for the thoughtful and critical
Threads has really changed the way we communicate at Buffer. We wanted an option to complement Slack that was much calmer, more timezone inclusive, and built for thoughtful, longer-form conversations and decision-making. Threads fits the bill perfectly. We’re loving it; I’ve never introduced a new tool the team was universally excited about before!
Courtney Seiter
Director of People, Buffer
Features that solve your problems
Seen states
Gain confidence on who has the latest context
Let people know you plan on responding.
Mark as decision
Keep your team moving forward by closing the loop.
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Threads has helped us facilitate better long-form discussions versus ones that used to get lost or too big on Github.
Vanessa Yumi
Product Design Lead, Cobli
It's the best way for me to ship something long form to explain my thought process and rationale without having to answer the same thing in three different places.
Tom Redman
Project Manager, Buffer
We use Threads for feature-related discussions that typically would've gotten lost in Slack, and it's improved our decision-making process tenfold.
Matt Drozdzynski
CEO, Pilot.co
Before Threads, a lot of decisions were occurring in Github, where things would get lost or changes would be made without context. Now, we're able to move forward with ease and always stay on the same page.
Justin Bureau
Co-founder, Jour
We're loving Threads. It's like if Google Docs and Slack had a super useful baby—perfect for team updates, meeting notes, discussions, making group decisions, and storing internal resources, etc.
Greg Roth
Head of Marketing, UniTel
Threads has supported our growing company by keeping communication fluid and everyone aligned. It's helped us to reduce meetings and stay in sync, allowing us to move faster.
Shobhita Soor
Co-Founder and CIO, Aspire
Threads has been a game-changer for how our team makes decisions together. It filled a need that Slack and email couldn't and has become our hub for facilitating feedback, updating the organization on changes, and making sure everyone is on the same page.
Joe Albanese
CEO, Stir
With Threads, we were able to 6x our company seamlessly with few growing pains. All new team members could learn context around decision making and culture in a way that wasn't possible with email or Slack.
Anthony Gustin
CEO, Perfect Keto
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