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Threads is a platform designed to make work more inclusive by empowering teams to discuss and make decisions at scale.
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Create a space
This is your team's virtual meeting room. Once created, invite others and start your discussion - no scheduling required.
Start a thread
Ask questions, get feedback and hash out ideas with your team. Make better decisions with all the context you need in one place.
Mark the decision
When you're done hearing from everyone on a thread, highlight the decision so everyone is on the same page.
With Threads, we were able to 6x our company seamlessly with few growing pains. All new team members could learn context around decision making and culture in a way that wasn't possible with email or Slack.
Anthony Gustin, CEO
Perfect Keto
In a growing company, one of the first things to fall apart is effective communication. I can't imagine scaling discussion and decision-making across multiple offices and teams without Threads.
Christine Spang, CTO
Threads helped bridge the gap between Slack and email, with an intuitive and discoverable solution. We used it to increase awareness across the company for new initiatives, improve collaboration on cross-functional projects and enhance information discovery to both current employees, and those we onboard in the future.
Cosmin Nicolaescu, VP of Engineering
Better discussions, better decisions.
Get your team on Threads today and start moving forward, together.
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