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Never be late to a discussion. With Threads, teams remain inclusive across timezones, save time with focused decision-making, and feel empowered to do their best work with asynchronous, thoughtful discussions.
Case Study
Buffer is a leading, fully-distributed company of about 85 people that offers a suite of tools that help online-first consumer brands effectively reach their customers via social media. As such, thoughtful and efficient decision-making is one of the most fundamental ways employees at Buffer can stay both functional and happy.
Like many companies, Buffer uses multiple tools and platforms to get work done. Between Slack, Email, Discourse, and trials on asynchronous tools, they found themselves losing track of conversations. For an entirely distributed company, this was particularly painful. They needed a way to have more in-depth conversations, easily make decisions, and have a place where longer-form communication could live.
“If we have successfully done what we hoped to do with Threads, and we are on track for that, the long-term impact will be a history of organized communication that we can always refer to.”
- Carolyn Kopprasch, Chief of Special Projects at Buffer
“Since I oversee the team's happiness and how we get work done, I felt especially responsible for finding a solution that would last.”
— Courtney Seiter, Director of People at Buffer
Examples from buffer
Buffer has been on Threads for over a year now
The more distributed you are, the more thoughtful discussion matters. Buffer has been on Threads for over a year now, and shared some of their favorite use cases.
Eng Summit
“Recognition & Praise” is a special space at Buffer. We use it to congratulate teammates on promotions or simply share an especially hearty dose of gratitude. Each Thread in this space is a true joy because we put a lot of care into each one. Threads is perfect for this purpose; this is a great example of a space that can be completely asynchronous. Teammates can set up notifications for new posts, or simply visit this space occasionally to read and comment on the promotions. In this way, each Thread has a “long tail” of teammates commenting to offer congratulations and share in the joy. 
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Ivana Zuber
Hey all 👋,

I have some wonderful news to share with you today - Juliana just received a promotion and is now an Engineer II according to our Engineering Career Framework❣️

Juliana joined Buffer over a year ago as an Engineer I for the Reply team (I still remember how impressed we all were with her mindset and the way she completed the take-home exercise!) Since then, she has made significant contributions to the Reply team, advocated for and introduced accessibility in Reply, became a core member of the BDS team, and 6 months ago moved to the Analyze team where today she is independently developing complex features and enriching the team in so many ways ❣️.

Some of her recent contributions in Analyze include developing the Notes components in Analyze reports, Instagram Stories Metric chart, most of the Shopify client-side components, the Best Time to Post feature and now the Campaigns client-side features 💥. These are all core Analyze features with lots of complexities (like charts) that Juliana has broken down, estimated, build and maintained, all while collaborating closely with Federico (her mentor), Tom and James.

We're super grateful to have Juli on our team 🤗!

Examples of Juliana's growth over the last year:

  • As one of her first contributions at Buffer, Juliana proposed and implemented better solutions in Reply during accessibility refactoring. She refactored many components in Reply to be more accessible.
  • She did a great job collaborating with Federico and identifying the work that needed to be done for the implementation of Instagram Stories, Shopify, Best time to Post and Campaigns. In several of those projects, Juliana created a detailed and clear breakdown paper which served as the basis for the implementation.
  • Juliana has been making significant contributions to the BDS team since its beginning by independently building and improving components.
  • She implemented the Notes feature in Analyze which was a significant contribution to the product and a big one for our customers.
  • Juliana has a great eye for detail and notices things right away. She recognizes holes in requirements, design specifications, when things are not clear and surfaces this early on. A great example of this is her collaboration with Tom and James on the Instagram Stories implementation and QA where she collaborated with them on applying final polish to this feature while also taking engineering requirements into consideration.
  • Juliana is very active in all team meetings and retros, always asking insightful questions, proposing alternative actions, as well as kicking off initiatives such as the accessibility standard proposal. She reaches out to Tom and James wherever there are uncertainties in product specifications or designs, often suggesting alternative approaches based on technical context.
    Please join me in celebrating Juliana, her amazing contributions and the well deserved promotion 🎉❤️!
    Yay for Juli 🎉
    Alfred, Caro and 5 others
    Overall communication at Buffer as a fully remote team had been a challenge of ours for many years. We tried several tools before landing on Threads and have been delighted with our whole experience using it. I’ve personally recommended Threads to many other remote companies and will continue to do so. We were looking for a tool to help us better communicate and reach decisions as a team, and Threads fit that need perfectly. Transparency is one of our core values, and Threads has also helped us ensure that our communication, discussions and decision making is more inclusive and available to the whole organization, both current team members and for new team members to browse through the archive. Threads continues to be the best solution for us, it is an organized and reliable way for our team to collaborate.
    —Joel, CEO at Buffer
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