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Created on October 11, 2022 at 9:23 pm
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How to use Presentation Mode


Have you ever spent hours creating a slide deck or PowerPoint only for it to be lost in an abyss of email attachments (you know that coworker who still sends .ppt files...), slack messages, or otherwise?

Decks are a necessary evil — they're a great way to present information, condense reports, share findings, and provide a visual element for talking points during meetings. However, they're a pain to build and there's often little to no collaboration once the deck is shared.

At Threads, we hold many strong beliefs about asynchronous work, and maximizing productivity while keeping teams aligned + connected.

This is why we added the ability to create the most seamless presentation.

Progress: NaN%

how does it work?

What if you could spend more time doing meaningful work and less time building a deck, that, let's face it, never looks as good as you want it to?

Any thread can be turned into a presentation by simply clicking the Play button. It's really that simple. Really.

While in presentation mode you can:

  • Toggle a setting to make any comments on blocks slides themselves
  • You can leave a video narration over any thread you author to help explain each block

Pro Tip

Host meetings asynchronously using the presentation mode + video narration combo to save your team time, while also creating a popping presentation!

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