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As companies grow, information becomes more difficult to access. This doesn’t happen intentionally but as companies scale, communication tools break. This means discussions and decisions are being made behind closed doors; leaving people excluded, teams confused, and companies moving more slowly.
That’s why we’ve created a platform to help open those doors and tap into the collective knowledge of your team. Threads is deliberately designed to help you inform, discuss, and make decisions in a way that scales elegantly as your team grows. With Threads, your team will be able to move forward, together.
Join for the mission, stay for the people.
Company Perks
100% coverage on medical, dental, vision
Up to $592/month for mental health
Up to $60 coverage for home Wi-Fi
WFH Stipend
Up to $300 to set up your office, and $250 to buy headphones
Up to $100/month in fitness credit
Up to $410/month for food / snacks